Saturday, 23 April 2011

The meaning of flowers

What a beautiful morning, I've been sat on the doorstep sitting in the first rays of the sun as it rises over Stancombe Hill....drinking Chai from a new pale blue and white spotty Cath Kidston mug that a friend gave me yesterday. Idyllic sounds of morning birds, geese flying over and the cuckoo ! Theres certain things I have to do through the seasons, for example find a carpet of snowdrops, or celandine...see the bluebells in the woods, find banks of primroses and cowslips...and of course later walk through fields of just has to be done. So if I don't hear a cuckoo in the spring then it doesn't seem right...blimey I'm a right old romantic..but most of us love the sights and smells that are free . The pictures are a couple of the shields that I painted on a lovely juvenile roundabout owned by John Barker. I decided that all the images would have secret each of the shields have flowers say something.  Pansies mean loving thoughts,and the bluebells mean constancy and campion is love.
The colours also have different meaning
Red-love and emotions
Pink-Admiration rather than passion
White- Peace and innocence
Yellow- Both friendship and Jealousy
Lavender-pride, admiration and refinement

It's fun putting secret meanings into my paintings, but I'm sure not many people realise..but a few might recognise the painted lady butterfly that I try to sneak in.


  1. Now that's an early start Katie! ...and now I need to look up Chai!?! Love the shields and the hidden meanings, but then you are VERY good at what you do:)

  2. In every paintings really has its own meaning depends on the artist perception and meaning. But with your painting, i like the meaning of every color that you have.



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