Monday, 4 April 2011


I've just joined Twitter . Hey! and in less than twenty mins I already have a follower..Broadway Manor..How does that work ? It's all magic to me and still fun ! Jane from the Winds of Change has been telling me about it for ages now I'm tweeting. Not quite sure how to tweet others yet or send messages but It'll all dawn on me eventually. The box office for the Winchcombe festival of music and arts opens tomorrow in Jane's Gallery.To see whats on please click on to see whats happening. Jane is soon to be hosting one of my favourite exhibitions. It is the Society of wood engravers 73rd annual exhibition. It starts on the 16th April Monday to Saturday. All the prints are done by the best engravers in the country...including Kathy Lindsay from Skye. I haven't seen her for fact the last time was at The Falkland Arms in Great Tew where I was playing in a band called the Mothy Band, with great friends Polly and Julian. That night the chap running the pub a northern irish man had run off with the takings leaving a huge plugged in ghetto blaster attached to some cigarette papers on the bar...we were all daft and most  thought it was a bomb. If I remember correctly most of us went into the next room behind an old thick stone wall while one chap unplugged it..saying well, we have two chances !

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  1. Wow, now you're a Twitter - what has Broadband done to you! Well done for having a go - I'm not that brave yet!



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