Friday, 8 April 2011

Swedish folk art for sale in Winchcombe

Two of the antique shops in Winchcombe both have lovely pieces of Swedish Folk art. Mark Newsum ( )has a beautiful old 'Bonad' a decorative wall hanging. They were painted by itinerant artists and often commemorated a birth or marriage. A lot of them feature scenes from the bible. They were originally attached to the wall of the main room and were very highly prized. Now they are rarely found outside Swedish museums ..but Mark has one for sale,so please call him if you are interested in buying it. 
Over the road and up near the T junction is Antique Interiors owned by Bruce.  He has two Swedish trunks, one very large pine trunk with very nice iron strapping and handles. The other is a 'Hope' chest, also known as a wedding dowry trunk. They were often made by a member of the family or local carpenter and were painted by itinerant professional artists. Inside the lid is a lovely circle of leaves and flowers with (probably) the initials of the bride and the year of her marriage which in this case is 1813. mainly deal in french furniture but they sometimes have more folky decorative furniture from Norway and Poland.
In 1985 I was lucky enough to stay in Sweden for a couple of months...a great and very beautiful country. One of my favourite places was The Skansen Museum.  ..I spent days and days drawing, and have lots of good memories. I'll dig out my sketch book from then and post a few drawings from it tomorrow.....I even came back on Concorde ! But that's another story !


  1. They are simply gorgeous, I love that painted garland. Sadly beyond my small means, but lovely to see them.

  2. Mark at Newsum Antiques in Winchcombe Has some beautiful Swedish painted papers and furniture on a regular basis. If you are ever loking for anything then call or visit his website



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