Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stow Fair

On my way back from work I came through Bourton on the Water and noticed that the King Family are back.looking extremely scenic with their wagon with carved lurchers on the side, three fortune telling boards.....a bit like the swallows they are a sign that Stow Horse Fair will soon be here. Thursday 12th May and the town will be buzzing. Its not the same as it used to be and a lot of my old friends don't go anymore..but if you have never been it's worth going...not the same as the old days but life moves on. On the Wednesday afternoon the field is often busy so if you can't make Thursday pop over. The fair was initially granted by Edward 111 as a seven day fair in 1330, then it changed in 1476 to two fairs one  in May and the other in October . Originally it was probably more of a sheep fair with other produce but now it really is a gypsy fair with market stalls, wagons and horses. When I first went it used to be in a field and lane on the other side of town with a few wagons and a auction, and a small fair in the market square.
I stopped to take a couple of photos of the oil seed rape..personally I don't like it but it is an amazing colour. I also don't like the smell and especially don't like honey tasting of it. When I was on the road with wagons there seemed to be a generally noticed that horses kept next to oil seed rape fields seemed to get brain tumours. I don't want to start a mass hysteria because since then I have never heard that view...It is probably more likely to have been the pesticide used, and maybe if the horse was tethered next t the field rather than being loose...I don't know maybe you do. Later I sometimes see fields of linseed plants, with a breeze they look like moving water . The next field I saw was full of left over forlorn stalks of brussel sprouts...don't forget sprouts aren't just for Christmas...

Then I passed Jim Henson's...I mean Adam Henson's farm it just me or do you think it is rather naff ?.( by the Way apparently it is said that Ronnie Barker invented the word Naff !I thought it was a military word...anyway I mean naff to mean tacky rather than any other meanings. )..oh dear I am having a little gripe...only a tiny one..probably because I'm trying to knuckle down when I'd rather be walking in my favourite woods !
Well my painting work went well today, and I got paid so I am smiling really !


  1. Hi, Love the photo of the wagon and you're completely right about the naff, but it's with a capital N in this case!! Glad your painting work is doing well:)

  2. We make rude signs at the new Adam Henson sign when we go past it on the mortorbike! I have to admit I love the smell of rape blossom, it is my favourite spring/summer smell (good job really as we are surrounded by it!).



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