Friday, 1 April 2011


I've just sat and watched a couple of catch up programmes on BBCiplayer..'The boat that Guy built '..By 'eck, blooming brilliant. Guy is so full of enthusiasm and has a huge love of British heritage but doesn't try to know it all...and is really impressed by all the knowledge that others have. The first programme shows his boat and sets the tone. He decides he wants to have tea in mugs he ended up making at The Wedgwood factory, Stoke on Trent and made his own cast iron cauldron at The Black Country Museum, Birmingham. It was funny seeing him bumping his way on his first outings. Years ago I had friends who worked the coal boats out of Gas Street Birmingham and the Coventry Ring. In the summer the boats were filled with bunk beds and did holiday trips, if you were the first out you sometimes woke with coal dust on your face. The canals or 'cut' had their own 'jungle grapevine' so I remember news of a friends first trip out got back very quickly...which bridges had got bashed etc. The painting is one I did as a Christmas card and is based on The Black Country Museum..They have a shed with a porch made up of an upturned boat..I love much character. It would always make you happy if you had one. The stools are money box stools that I painted a few years ago. Anyway, time for bed although I could easily sit up and watch all Guys other programmes...they make you smile.

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  1. Oh, I saw part of that the other night: he seemed just so honestly happy to be involved in the whole process and touchingly keen to get things right! Keep trying to persuade the husband we need a houseboat, but he may be too tall to fit in.



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