Monday, 4 April 2011

cutlery overboard!

I've just watched another of Guy Martins boat programmes ,and they make me smile..This one was about beans on toast which involved making a tin can, making the beans, making cutlery at Sheffield and baking a Hovis loaf. I made me think of washing up on the boats...years ago no one really thought anything of tipping the bowl overboard...and I'm sure every bowl still had a teaspoon in it ! Goodness knows how many are lining the cut. When I was in a wagon countless teaspoons ended up in hedges or down storm drains. Now I'm in a house I'm still seem to lose them !
There is a lovely lady called Dorothy in Winchcombe , 99 this year and full of great stories and knowledge of the countryside. She used to own a mixed farm in Warwickshire with her husband. During the war her farm was chosen to have a canning store all the local fruit etc...and a relative of hers went out to America prior to the war to help with the designing of canning machines. Dorothy also used to work at Atherstone Hat factory. The coincidence was that years ago while on the boats we could stop near the factory and get a new felt hat for far as I know it was an old custom that bargees could always have a new hat. Funny how you can watch a programme and it brings lots of memories back.
Blackpool lads on their way back from Appelby, mid 1990's. Would you believe of all the really stunning wagons going up and down that road, most people loved this one...It certainly has character. The horses pulled Landau's on Blackpool Prom. Most of the Landau owners and drivers used to drive up and back to Appleby with all sorts of wagons and carts..I'm sure they still do.

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