Thursday, 7 April 2011

Colour superstitions

Good Morning, This is the boat that I've been asked to letter, not traditional colours but throughout time people have always either used the company's colours, their own favourite or whatever paint they could get their hands on. Reminds me of a hamlet in Lancashire where a friend used to live. All the houses were suddenly sandy yellow,it was around the time of another of England's blooming awful wars ...(they seem never ending) and someone had got hold of an excess of army sand paint !
It is interesting which colours are thought to be lucky and others unlucky. Green is fine on gypsy wagons but not on boats. On land people thought it was unlucky to wear green because it was the colour of the fairy folk. At sea ,I was told, that men used to be wrapped in a green cloth before having a burial at that's why they didn't like it. In the Theatre it used to be unlucky to wear green but when plays were performed like Robin Hood the actors performed on a large green cloth, perhaps thinking of the village green where plays would originally have been performed.And of course a lot of people don't like green cars but bright apple green seems pretty popular these days...personally I don't care as long as it goes and doesn't cost too much to run !
 Blue is unlucky for wagons but is fine on a boat. Years ago ballerinas wouldn't wear blue unless there was a bit of silver on the costume. Burgundy and red seems to be a favourite for boats, wagons and farm carts. But Black is a no-no for wagons and Boats. There is a designer that does have a gloss black showman's wagon with a black and white interior but give me bright colours, gold scrolls and flowers any day!


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  2. Thank you for you comment..All the Very Best, Katie



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