Friday, 22 April 2011

Bluebells and asbestos !

One of my pastel drawings of the woods.
After a few days in the Forest of Dean I came back to see masses of bluebells in my garden. The front garden is pretty wild but its so full of flowers ...and I like it.Of course I'd love to live in an idyllic cottage in the woods or a bothy in the Hebrides ..but right now a 1930's house with chain link fencing and old render will be fine. Luckily for me the previous owners hadn't done much so it still has victorian fireplaces, picture rails, and old doors. I would love to take the plastic double glazing out and put the original windows in but right now I can think of better ways of spending what money I blooming MOT's ! There are also  masses of acquilega , iris and roses are getting ready to flower. I think i may have the Spanish bluebell because there are white and pink ones as I have been told by some people that I should dig them all up and kill them off ...personally I like them and I hope my garden flowers aren't endangering the native species. If you know more please let me know.

This is someones workshop at Parkend in the Forest of Dean...great aren't they ..wish I could have them in my garden...but perhaps not the asbestos if that is what it is.Talking of Asbestos reminds me... Years ago I worked in a horrible packaging factory called Giltspur on the Kingsditch estate in Cheltenham....funding college etc. At one point we had to pack brake shoes, and they wouldn't supply any masks..and there we were working in an un ventilated horrible unit with no windows to the outside world with clocking in  and clocking out machines....Still theres one thing I learnt and that is I would try my hardest never to have to work there again !

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