Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sketch book tour

Last year I discovered a Sketch book tour in America. Initially I had to sign in with The art House Coop and send £25. I then received a sketchbook in the post. The idea is that people from all over the world can send for a sketcbook, fill it and send it back to Brooklyn by a specified date. Your book then joins a library of nearly 10,000 books that tours America.. Apparently 28,000 people sent for books but didn't send them back.  The people organising it give each book a bar code and digitally scans each book. Soon anyone will be able to type in my name and view all my sketches.
 The travelling library only lets people view the actual books within the gallery space but each book is scanned on its own individual bar code so I will know how many people looked at my isn't it. I'll never get my book back but I feel that the organisers of the tour do a lot for my £25 and I hope that I will get some creative comments ! A lot of the books look more illustrative and some are quite wacky...mine looks rather old fashioned but hey ho that's me!If you would like to look at their website please click on the following link   On the art house coop page you can view lots of artists biographies with gallery...mines under Katie Morgan.

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  1. Hi Katie, yes I heard about this project last year and considered joining, but wasn't brave enough. well done to you for going ahead with it. I have got brave with blogger though - 'What, Ann and technonology! I hear you say. I'm on just in case you are interested. all the best, ann.



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