Friday, 18 March 2011

Compton Verney

A friend told me that she had seen an advert looking for images of Folk art...well that's right up my I took a look. It was an exhibition at Compton Verney in Warwickshire and they were looking for anyone to email pictures of folk I sent a few in. Last week I had an email from them asking if they could have one of my pieces for their display, it was a moon of course I said yes.
The last time I had visited Compton Verney was with John Pocket  and we had gone over to see the marvellous folk art collection of Enid Marx. She and her friend Margaret Lambert were both influenced by Folk art in their own work and had made a collection and had written books. It was great and still is!
Last Monday Jane from The Winds of Change Gallery and myself decided to have a bit of a 'jolly' and deliver the moon dial. It was good to meet the curators and have a chat. I'm looking forward to seeing the full exhibition. There is a big contemporary exhibition by artists who have been influenced by folk art, such as Peter Blake. I'm very traditional in my work and I did ask if they would ever involve an exhibition of traditional folk artists that are alive and kicking but they didn't seem to think that there were many about....Anyway I am very pleased to have a tiny bit of my work on display , and I'm looking forward to going and seeing the full show.
If you click on the link it takes you straight to the Folk art section of The Compton Verney website.

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  1. Not many living traditional folk artists around? Phhff: they're clearly not looking in the right places!
    Compton Verney one of my very favourite places to visit: the Marx Lambert collection is amazing. Shall look out for your wonderful moon dial!



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