Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hello, you may remember ages ago I wrote about Ireland and said about a puppet I'd made for Terry Wogan....well I found a couple of pictures. One of a musician puppet and one of Sir Terry.
Last night I started redesigning my kbmorgan website...why oh why I start at about 10 o'clock on these projects, I'll never know ! The last job I started was taking up lino and trying to level the floor in my kitchen...that was at about the same time but on a Friday ..oh well. My sister Yael had designed my last version ..which I really liked but I found myself adding more and more pages so I've gone minimal...well for a while .

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gypsy Baskets

Today I dropped by to have a cuppa with Rob...on his porch was a couple of lovely stick baskets that he had made. They look beautiful with a pot of primroses in them. Rob makes and sells them from his workshop, The Old Sawmill, Stanway Estate Yard, Stanway Glos. They are £15 each and will last years if treated during the winter if used outside but longer if kept inside. He makes furniture and decorative items with locally found wood, in fact mainly between his home and workshop which is only a couple of miles so very sound on the old Eco front. His telephone number is..07854199914....Rob doesn't have a website yet but I'm pushing him to have one !
The illustration is one of a set that I have been doing recently..I'm aiming to produce a small book of Gypsy life so fingers crossed it will be out before too long. Apparently the raditional baskets are made from 20 sticks so my illustration isn't as accurate as perhaps it should be..oops
I've opened a shop on Etsy selling postcards of gypsy scenes...more to come

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hello, Sudeley is open and up and running. The exhibition was finished on time..a lot due to Ryan and Will who do all sorts of structural work as well as locking up! The photo is a fun cut out of Brock in the bath, complete with a little shelf with 197o's toiletries..all I could think of was Old Spice, Camay soap and Colgate was funny trying to remember the favourites of the time.
This was the scene from the Castle as I left...beautiful.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

India and elephants

One of the things I really like about blogging is being able to look up statistics and find out where in the world people are viewing my blog from. This week I have had two firsts, India and Brazil...quite amazing..
A few months ago a chap came round to read my electric meter. As he came in he pointed out a metal elephant I had in the window..its more of an heraldic device and probably was originally fitted into a piece of furniture. He smiled and laughed saying I must go to India , the best place for being close to elephants. I showed him my front room because I have an amazing light in the shape of an elephant. I've had him since I was thirteen when I persuaded Mum to buy him for my Birthday . The Meter man positively squealed with joy saying my living room looked just like his mother's in Goa ! Well I've never been to India but it sounds like I'd feel at home.

Upstairs Downstairs

I've just spent the last couple of days finishing the Brock exhibition at Sudeley and painting a couple of murals. I have done then in quite a loose style, mainly due to time restraints! Yesterday Lady Ashcombe told me that there would be a sound tape linked with the set....the sounds included a maid mixing ,Mrs Bridges shouting orders and a butler taking a tray of tea things upstairs. Luckily for me I had already painted a maid with a mixing bowl and a butler going upstairs. I only had to add Mrs Bridges and a dog running out of the kitchen. For good measure I also painted a cat knocking a plate off the table and a mouse hiding. I haven't quite got the perspective right and I will probably alter the stairs but at least it gives the jist of the idea... It was fun painting something different ...back to some clock dials that are in need of restoration now !

Monday, 21 March 2011

Cotswold Life

Last week a friend said " You've got a mention in The Cotswold Life Magazine" I popped out and bought a copy. To be honest it's not a magazine I buy normally..I'm more of The World of Interiors and Country Living and The odd gardening Magazine. The article was written by Lady Ashcombe and is promoting Sudeley Castles latest exhibition all about Badgers...well one particular Badger called Brock. He was a member of Lady Ashcombes family in the late 1960's. Her husband Mark Dent Brocklehurst brought one back to their Kensington home as a youngster. In the article Lady Ashcombe says 'The exhibition is the story I wrote of Brock's life which has humorously illustrated by local artist Katie Morgan and accompanies the portraits, photographs and other badger mementos which were amassed by his doting owner Mark.' Which is very nice..for me...unfortunately for me the article doesn't show one of my pictures and it also doesn't have a link to The Castle Website but not to worry.   As well as the illustrations I've also painted a life size cutout of a badger in a bath and today I've been gluing up an old papier mache' badgers backside! Which reminds me if you like local farmhouse cider try Hailes Fruit Farms 'Badgers bottom'.
The Castle opens this weekend, please have a look at their website for more information.      

Friday, 18 March 2011

Compton Verney

A friend told me that she had seen an advert looking for images of Folk art...well that's right up my I took a look. It was an exhibition at Compton Verney in Warwickshire and they were looking for anyone to email pictures of folk I sent a few in. Last week I had an email from them asking if they could have one of my pieces for their display, it was a moon of course I said yes.
The last time I had visited Compton Verney was with John Pocket  and we had gone over to see the marvellous folk art collection of Enid Marx. She and her friend Margaret Lambert were both influenced by Folk art in their own work and had made a collection and had written books. It was great and still is!
Last Monday Jane from The Winds of Change Gallery and myself decided to have a bit of a 'jolly' and deliver the moon dial. It was good to meet the curators and have a chat. I'm looking forward to seeing the full exhibition. There is a big contemporary exhibition by artists who have been influenced by folk art, such as Peter Blake. I'm very traditional in my work and I did ask if they would ever involve an exhibition of traditional folk artists that are alive and kicking but they didn't seem to think that there were many about....Anyway I am very pleased to have a tiny bit of my work on display , and I'm looking forward to going and seeing the full show.
If you click on the link it takes you straight to the Folk art section of The Compton Verney website.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

My suprise present

Last weekend my sister Yael gave me this lovely paint brush roll.....I love it...almost too good to use!...being a bit slow on the uptake I initially thought she had bought it...then recognised the designs as my drawings...!
Yael had machine embroidered and made it...apparently she had bought a massive blind in the sales and had chopped it up to make all sorts of goodies...
The pictures were from the sketch book that I had sent to America. I scanned it before sending and uploaded them onto If you go to /  then photos and Katiebridgetmorgan should find them.

Friday, 11 March 2011

My journey to work

Past Bruce's Antique shop and Anton and K, then past Jane's Gallery, and Mark and Pete's antique shops....
Then the Winchcombe pottery,...then Nigel's Furniture shop and near Lees framing studio...
Up Stanway Hill..past Robs Rustic furniture workshop and Richards stone workshop...
past The Plough at Ford.....Great Food but will be packed during next weeks Gold Cup ....
Past The stone Quarry and right towards Bourton on the Water....
...Past a gentleman stonewalling....
...and into Bourton on the Water....
Quick stop at the Hardware shop for a tin of varnish...
....up the Hill into Little Rissington...Last week the banks up to this village were covered in a blanket of snowdrops....
...then through the glorious countryside of Oxfordshire....
....left turn off the road to Burford.....
......a Buzzard flew out and must have been only 10 feet away from me ...
...past Fiefield Village Church...
..Almost There !
I do feel lucky to have such a lovely drive to work.....and quiet roads.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sketch book tour

Last year I discovered a Sketch book tour in America. Initially I had to sign in with The art House Coop and send £25. I then received a sketchbook in the post. The idea is that people from all over the world can send for a sketcbook, fill it and send it back to Brooklyn by a specified date. Your book then joins a library of nearly 10,000 books that tours America.. Apparently 28,000 people sent for books but didn't send them back.  The people organising it give each book a bar code and digitally scans each book. Soon anyone will be able to type in my name and view all my sketches.
 The travelling library only lets people view the actual books within the gallery space but each book is scanned on its own individual bar code so I will know how many people looked at my isn't it. I'll never get my book back but I feel that the organisers of the tour do a lot for my £25 and I hope that I will get some creative comments ! A lot of the books look more illustrative and some are quite wacky...mine looks rather old fashioned but hey ho that's me!If you would like to look at their website please click on the following link   On the art house coop page you can view lots of artists biographies with gallery...mines under Katie Morgan.


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