Monday, 21 February 2011


In my previous blog I mentioned the Cricket Pavilion at Stanway. My Friend has done a lovely sketch of it. You can find it on 
 I'm up in the glorious Forest of Dean ,a great place for walks whatever the being dull, grey and wet! The forest has a great Sculpture Trail which is good to see and also for getting children to walk further...can you find the next sculpture etc etc. There are a couple of sculptures by David Nash, Deer by Sophie Ryder and a stained glass window by Kevin Atherton. Unfortunately the latest sculpture by David Cotterrell is collapsing and is now fenced off. It is an 11 metre high giant pyramid made from metal baskets filled with spoil. After being unveiled in the Autumn it began to twist and lean. The artist said  it is deliberately designed to change and be reclaimed by the Forest to show how human manipulation of the landscape is temporary. He also said ' It was never my intention it would stay like that forever, It is not a static structure made of stone. In time it will be covered in bluebells and look like a hill rather than a pyramid and find it's natural position in the landscape' . By the looks of it that will be a flat horizontal hill rather than a vertical one.  My thoughts are that it was commissioned to be situated where families walk and should never have been commissioned in the first place if someone knew that it would fall over. I do think that it is bonkers these days because no one will accept responsibility for their own actions. Even when it is obviously their fault . A well known decorator apparently won't prime or prepare the surfaces to be painted and won't varnish. Is this a get out so that if the decoration cracks or falls off he can blame whoever prepared or did the finishing? Surely as an artist you want your artwork to be as sturdy and long lasting...if you build a pyramid shape, surely you expect it to remain in that shape ? What do you think ?

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    Hi Katie, I quite agree with your comments on blame culture - It drives me mad too. Thanks for your reference to my photostream. keep in touch.Ann.



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