Friday, 11 February 2011

Fabulous Prefabs !

I've been looking into the possibility of having a shed/gardenroom built in my garden. My neighbour told me that originally there were prefabs at the bottom of our gardens separated by a stream. These houses were removed once more houses were built and the space was added onto our gardens. I've been trying to find more local information and photographs but no luck so far. I really like the idea of rebuilding a prefab and kitting it out in 1940's style. It would make a great little museum, mind you I'd probably prefer living in that than my house!
A short Rhyme by Charlie Chester ;
'Down in the jungle'
Living in a tent:
Better than a prefab,
No rent!

Prefabs were originally built as temporary accommodation for post war families. Many people loved them because they had a garden, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There were many different designs including The Portal, Arcon, Uni-Secco, Tarran and Airoh.The photograph is of one in St Fagans Museum, Cardiff...a really brilliant place to go. remember passing an estate of prefabs near Hatherley, Cheltenham when I was little and loving them then. If I remember correctly I believe there was an allotment area on the other side of the concrete road I must pop over and see if they are still there. . Many are being demolished but in South London there are some being given Grade 11 listing on the Catford Estate. These were built by German and Italian prisoners of war.

I'm torn between a shed in a 30's style or a rustic one with a turf roof. The sketch is a building I saw in the Skansen Museum, Sweden. I also have a love of corrugated iron, My Mum would probably say I can blame your Dad for liking corrugated iron. There used to be a lot of sheds and house extensions made of it ! Those great black Nissen Huts.they are good too...blimey what a choice....well whatever I decide it will be great to have a bigger shed by the end of the year.

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  1. Hi Katie, Helped YEARS AGO on a school trip to St. Fagans Museum - I had to take 6 children round, I was forever head counting! Anyway, we went into one very dark building, stepped through a wide doorway and in order to keep the childrens interest going I commented that the people years ago must have been wide and short [as said doorway was wide and short] but to my horror a voice from within said 'yes we are' and stood there was a steward EXACTLY the same shape as the door!! I think I muttered something like 'oh how interesting' and hurried the children out. I haven't been back. Regards, Ann.



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