Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Art Galleries

My sister sent me a fantastic link http://www.googleartproject.com/

It's brilliant. You can take a 3d tour of worldwide famous museums and each museum has a list of paintings and artifacts that you can zoom right into the paintings and see the cracks. At the Metropolitan Museum, New York there is a painting called the Harvesters by Bruegel. If you zoom right into the landscape in the distance you can find a few people having a swim !..I know very childish ...but I could spend hours looking at all the galleries. When I've visited some galleries I've often wanted to get my paints out and try to copy a style or colour..and now I can.

It's really quite mind boggling what's available now. I went to Bath Academy of Art when it was at Corsham. What a lovely place but there was only one computer...I'm sure the London colleges were way more advanced than we were. I studied Visual communication, which covered Typography..yes using lead type..Book binding...printing, litho , silkscreen ,etching and engraving....photography, colour and black and white printing and developing..and it was only in the 80's not the 1880's I hasten to add. I am glad I learnt all these techniques but it does mean that you are constantly niggled by the letter spacing produced by computers..but I suppose not many people notice any more. My sister probably thinks I should have learnt English, she's always copy reading my writing and correcting it!
Right I'm off for a cuppa, as you can see from the tins on my shelf I have quite a collection ! and yes I painted them to look old and bashed.

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