Monday, 31 January 2011


A big thank you to Louise a lovely proffessional photographer from Sussex. She sent me a cd today full of pictures of our time as gypsies at Goodwood revival. Her brother Paul has a company called . Louise takes the photos for his website and business cards. I've used one of her pictures to update my profile, ...more flattering than my last one!

Did you know that Shepherds huts on wheels date back to at least the 16th century.

A few years ago there was a gorgeous one in a small market garden. On the Friday I asked if they would sell it but they needed to think about it over the weekend. It had been used locally for many years and they had owned it for 40 years. Well unfortunately for me over the weekend a company was advertising their shepherd hut company and the local owner rang them up. By the time I went to see them on the Monday the newspaper chap had been up and shook on it offering a £1000....boy was I fed up...not only had he sold it for less than I thought it was worth it had also left the Cotswold's for good. I bet it was tarted up and for sale a few months later for at least £5000. Oh well, not too many sour grapes !I'm not too sure where I would have put it anyway. I must say at this point that Paul from round hill shepherdhuts was NOT the chap I'm talking about. Paul is a very nice bloke and would be a very good and decent man to deal with-if you are ever thinking of buying or hiring one.

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