Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Day

On New Years Day I decided to walk up through Woolaston and up the hill. Although I didn't walk far I did spend time sketching. Here are a few scanned from my sketch book.. It was really lovely to be out and about and the weather to be mild enough to draw. This year I am setting up some 'Sketch,walk and Talk ' days. The day will be a mornings walk ,sketching on route,a lunch at a local Cafe followed by another walk in the afternoon. I'm hoping to take bookings and hopefully encourage people to try sketching. It won't matter how competent you are, I just want everyone to have a great day and be inspired. I will carry various types of paper , pens, paint and pastels so that everyone can try some new techniques out. I'll let you know what the dates are soon! I actually have broadband now ! At last ! It's great to be off dial up, but now I'm finding myself wanting a lap top and a big screen so that I can watch all the programmes on BBC i player!..It's never ending isn't it!

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  1. Hi Katie, Good luck with your Sketch days. Likewise I'm going to arrange one in the Spring with some members of my local Art Gallery, but we will stay in one location for a couple of hours and then go for a coffee. I love your sketches.
    Ann H.[devon].



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