Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The other evening I found myself watching a programme about Terry Wogan in Ireland. It was one of those easy to watch programmes with lovely scenery..but not madly exciting. It reminded me about a dancing puppet I made of Terry Wogan. It was commissioned by Pebble Mill as a birthday present. At that time I made a good few dolls ...unfortunately I can't find any photographs. They were basically a wooden jointed puppet about twelve inches high with a stick or length of dowling coming at right angles out of their back. You then needed a piece of thin ply about ten inches by two foot. You'd then sit on a stool with the end of the board under your left cheek. The puppet would be held in the right hand with it's feet touching the board...when the music starts you would bang the board with the left hand causing the puppet to dance. Perhaps I'll make some more one day.

My Mums family ,The Phelans originally came from Ireland. Years ago I was asked to paint some 'old' signs for an Irish theme pub. I got on and painted them...see photos of a couple above....while the designer set off to Ireland to buy props. He rang in a panic saying that he had found a good amount all from the same shop, so could I use the name Phelan on the signs....he was quite surprised when I told him that I already had!

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