Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gathering Fuel

Link to postcards for sale of the above design, Gathering Fuel
Thankyou for all the lovely comments on my Christmas Card this year. The view is from the Old Brockhampton Road looking down towards St Peter's Church in Winchcombe. The lurcher is my lovely dog Megan . She died at a great age a few years ago but I still think of her often. I am selling limited edition ,signed prints for £85. The image size is 43x34cm. I can send them in a roll or mounted and flat.The wagon is based on a 1923 Fred Hill .Swinefleet Bow Top. It was the last horse drawn wagon built by Hill for Lias Winter.It is now owned by John Barker. Apparently when it was being restored John found a panel that had been signed by Fred and Rowland Hill and all the staff that had worked on it.
Fred Hill was born in 1869 in Hagnaby, Lincolnshire. In 1894 he set up his own business at 74 High Street, Swinefleet, near Goole. 'His method of painting and decorating his vehicles was so attractive and well known that at one time it was considered that you were very unlucky if you didn't see a Fred Hill cart go by at any crossroads in rural Yorkshire.'
In 1910 Rowland Hill became an apprentice to his father and also became a great decorator. The information about he wagon was taken from 'Romany Relics, The Wagon Album' by John Barker and Peter Ingram. Unfortunately there are no books left to sell at the moment and apparently they are already occasionally seen on eBay for over two hundred pounds . I'm hoping that there will be a reprint. A few people commented on spelling mistakes and the like in the book,which is unfortunate because it was professionally proof read before publication. It is a lovely book with beautiful pictures.

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