Sunday, 19 December 2010

Barrel Organs

Well it's been all go and now the beautiful deep snow has brought everything to a complete and quiet standstill. Luckily The Barrel Organ that I had painted was collected before the snow. It was parked in my living room and I was beginning to think that I would have to decorate it instead of getting a tree. Unfortunately the owner had its music barrel so we couldn't have any good 'olde' singing sessions..of course it would have been great to have wheeled it into town for Xmas late night shopping. The red painting was sanded off before I received the organ and my job was to give it a more original Victorian look.

I firstly woodgrained the whole of its body in dark mahogany,then gilded lines and corner decorations. I was asked to paint the panels with two dancing monkeys and a view of The Crimea War. It was surprisingly difficult to find pictures so I eventually combined two famous paintings to make one war scene. I'll be updating my website with more detailed pictures.

Would you believe it I'm still on blooming dial up..I am getting very close to joining the twenty first century though ! oops, My computer is taking impossibly long to upload my photos so I will publish this post and add the pictures later !

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