Monday, 27 December 2010

Barrel Organ Photos

Happy Christmas.

At last some pictures, The red organ was how it used to look. It was well sanded before it reached me. John who owns the organ painted the unders. I was going to paint them but the snow got in the way of delivery. Barrel Organs were very popular but not always with the public. One British Journalist of the day wrote that an itinerant organ grinder was paid " for his silence and not his sounds ". You can hear this organ play by tapping onto the following link. This Organ is the only known survivor made by The Pesaresi Company and will be included in a new book about Barrel Organs written by David Dakin, due to be published in the New Year.
I am now getting extremely close to having It will make it much easier for me to update information. Well, Happy New Year, All the Very Best, Katie

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  1. Hi Katie, great to have found your blog. keep up the good work. ann & graham [devon].



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