Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bling !

Hello, apologies for having not written sooner. Life seems to be very busy at the moment. The photos are before and after picture of some furniture I have completed recently...very bright. To be honest most of my work seems to be repainting but giving a slightly worn well loved finish, so to gild a chair and keep it bright was a new direction for me.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the local junior school encouraging a class of year 6's to paint in a folk art style. I took in a couple of English Canal cans, a Russian tray, A Swiss bowl and a French tin tray, all covered in flowers decorated using simple brush strokes. Most of the class started handling brushes better and learnt that by using different types of brushes and by using varying pressures they could make different marks and build up patterns. After a brief talk and demonstration I then worked with each child showing them again and making sure that they all stood a chance..some school brushes leave a lot to be desired. It strikes me that Art in schools is not really utilised, it's such a shame because so many lessons can be taught with imagination and paint. I know not everyone likes art but the majority of children enjoy themselves when paint is out even if it's just painting themselves and each other !

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