Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Laurence Fish

Yesterday I was invited to coffee by Jean a lovely local lady that I have known for years to see her late husbands paintings and prints. My mate Jane from also came along. What a great morning and so inspiring, I just wanted to go home and get my water colours out but I had to finish gilding first. Laurence Fish should be more well known, he was a prolific artist. In the early days he was asked to make drawings of the mechanisms of explosive devices in a manner that everyone could understand...what a responsibility ! His draughtsmanship was exceptional. He later painted graphic posters for many transport companies. Posters such as 'Life is gay at Whitley Bay' are fun and capture the hey day of the period. You might find if you try to search him that the spelling is sometimes Lawrence Fish...with a W. . I only chose this particular poster because that's where some of my relatives are from , he also did a great poster for Weymouth that had a part portrait of a blond with reflective sunglasses on..very Diana Dors. Laurence's later work can also be seen at Thank you Jean for a really lovely morning. Jane is getting ready for her next show opening next Monday. There are some good pictures ,some beautiful pottery birdhouses that really caught my eye and a birdbath with a hidden will know what I mean if you go to see it !

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