Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hailes Farm Apple Day

What a great day ! You should have been there..perhaps next year..make a note in your diary ! The weather was bright and a good crowd turned up. Happenstance performed some entertaining dances...their stick dances were quite phallic and very had to be there. I know a lot of Morris dancing is rather dull but the team have a real ball and its quite, I'm not actually going to start dancing. I did all that in my teens and I'm more into Flamenco now. Anyway, Bev gave guided walks and talked about the history of the Orchard. When it was planted it was one of the biggest mass fruit tree planting in the country. There were lots of apples to taste and people were bringing in apples for them to be identified. At the end of the day everyone popped into the Tea rooms for Tea and Cake and right on Queue the rain poured down. I painted the sign on the Tea Room almost twenty years ago, It's lasted brilliantly...but I do think the paint was much better then, probably terrible for ones health but the paint lasted. They are taking it down shortly for me to rescue it...I wonder if it will last another twenty years !

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