Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cotswold Life

This month in the Cotswold life is an article written by Lady Ashcombe about the Ghosts at Almsbury Farm. Well this is the month to write about ghosts,so here goes. For a while we lived there and did experience some ghostly carrying on. The main one was the sound of a screaming baby, we heard it three times and although it wasn't scary the poor child sounded extremely unhappy. It wasn't until later that I discovered that others had heard it and it had been written about. In the 1700's a baby called Cunosa Almsbury had been left for the pigs to feed on her but the dogs had protected her. Unfortunately the baby was later drowned in the river Isbourne. She is supposed to be buried in St Peter's graveyard. I believe that the anniversary of this is on the 18th October. On the morning of locking up and leaving the farm all the lights inside and outside flashed on and off in no particular order ! a friend later said that they must have been saying goodbye. I loved being there and would happily move back straight away. We have many local ghosts including a lady collecting firewood on the Gretton Road, monks walking down Cowl Lane and Orbs. To be honest I'm not sure about orbs but have a look at if you are. Soon there are to be ghost walks in the town which should prove to be very popular !
"Old Nick went out upon a prowl,
An' cumed to Winchcombe, thuck dark 'ole,
But a got stuck fast in Sudeley Lane'
So swore as e'd never cum thur agyain "
Reminds me of a massive loory with the driver using sat nav and totally ignoring road signs getting stuck fast as he tried to turn right going up Castle Street onto the main Road !

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