Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello, This week I am feeding the hens and ducks at the railway museum. We used to have a flock of hens, three cockerels and a couple of geese, but we had to find homes for them when we moved...I'd love to still have some but I think the neighbours might complain. Two of the hens buff Sussex were ours so it was good to see them, not that they recognised me. The railway museum in Winchcombe is well worth a visit. It has now closed for the season but will be open again around the 22nd of April next year.
Back to chickens, reminding me of the saying " rare as hens teeth". A newly hatched chick actually has an egg tooth, used for chipping it's way out of the egg. It falls off after a short time and is virtually impossible to find, I've looked ! If you have ever wanted to check the age of eggs try submerging one in a glass of cold water. If it lies horizontally at the bottom it's fresh, If it tilts slightly up it's about a week old. Once it starts to float up the glass it's just about OK for baking, but when its floating at the top it will be that one for some of the politicians! The air pocket in the egg gets larger as the egg gets older because the egg shell is porous and the air increases inside the egg.
They kindly said I could have some of the eggs so I'm going to pickle some. Here's a recipe..
Hard boil the eggs and simmer some white wine vinegar with some white peppercorns and some root ginger. ( about one and a half pints to 18 eggs). Peel eggs and place into a jar, strain vinegar and pour over. Leave for a couple of weeks before starting them. I love them but not to every ones taste!
Meanwhile with all these chickens I've been crocheting egg cosies in the evenings....On November 27th Toddington Village Hall is having a Vintage Sale so I'm sorting the attic and shed out to do a stall....padding it out with greetings cards and egg cosies. The last sale was lovely with lots of beautiful stalls and a kitchen selling good cups of tea and homemade cakes...a good way to spend a Saturday.

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