Monday, 27 September 2010

What a Grey Day !

This morning we are back to the dark difficult for matching colours and seeing detail. At this time of year I usually find myself taking pieces I'm working on outside just to check them, but today is raining so no chance of that. On days like today, especially being a Monday I find it difficult to resist the temptation to nip over to The Winds of Change Gallery for a cuppa and a catch up with Jane. Winchcombe...or perhaps I should call it Winchcombeshire is going to have a Music and Arts Festival next year, the last week of May. Lots of people are organising possible events and new ideas to attract the locals and visitors. Jane and myself are busy writing out ideas ! While I was scanning for pictures of the Winchcombe Horse Fair I came across a Telegraph listing for England's Richest towns, and Winchcombe was number 48 ! Quite funny, It is a lovely small friendly town set in beautiful surroundings...I don't think of the town in a 'rich list' sort of way but it is a good town and well worth visiting. There are a number of fairs starting soon, Winchcombe Mop, then Tewkesbury Mop, and the Horse fair in Stow on the Wold..I'll add some photos when I've sorted them.
Again Whilst searching I came acroos the story of a boy from Winchcombe called John Smallwood. He worked in the looms in Newbury and after his boss died he married his Widow. He turned the cottage industry into a huge export market and was know as ' Jack of Newbury. He became one of the richest men in England and was friends with Henry V111 ! Henry V111 courted Anne Boleyn at Sudeley Castle....I wonder if they were friends then ?

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