Sunday, 26 September 2010

Corgi Models

Recently I discovered that Corgi had made a large model of The Anderton and Rowland Roundabout, that I had painted. Well I initially worked on the horses with John Pocket (a very well known Painter) I then carried on by myself painting the steps, centre shutters, rounding boards droppers and Organ. I had gone into a Toy Shop in Bourton on the Water and amongst the models was the large box. I recognised my tiny little paintings on the Lid. It was quite expensive so I initally rang Corgi to see if they had any models available. I was hoping that because all of the decoration was mine I might be given a free model, but no. I had a rather bland letter back saying they had sold out and that was that. I'm not a money grabbing person but thought it was a shame that no-one had thought to let me know that a model was being made, not even Mick Goulding who owned the ride while I was painting mobile number has never changed...ho hum thats the way things go. A friend said that I still owned the copyright of the paintings and my permission should have been sought. I would have loved to have had a little mention on the box ....anyway I'm going on a bit..but I will say that I splashed out and bought it....In years to come I'm sure my Son will be pleased to own it, not everyone can say that their Mums work is on a Corgi Model !

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