Monday, 27 September 2010

What a Grey Day !

This morning we are back to the dark difficult for matching colours and seeing detail. At this time of year I usually find myself taking pieces I'm working on outside just to check them, but today is raining so no chance of that. On days like today, especially being a Monday I find it difficult to resist the temptation to nip over to The Winds of Change Gallery for a cuppa and a catch up with Jane. Winchcombe...or perhaps I should call it Winchcombeshire is going to have a Music and Arts Festival next year, the last week of May. Lots of people are organising possible events and new ideas to attract the locals and visitors. Jane and myself are busy writing out ideas ! While I was scanning for pictures of the Winchcombe Horse Fair I came across a Telegraph listing for England's Richest towns, and Winchcombe was number 48 ! Quite funny, It is a lovely small friendly town set in beautiful surroundings...I don't think of the town in a 'rich list' sort of way but it is a good town and well worth visiting. There are a number of fairs starting soon, Winchcombe Mop, then Tewkesbury Mop, and the Horse fair in Stow on the Wold..I'll add some photos when I've sorted them.
Again Whilst searching I came acroos the story of a boy from Winchcombe called John Smallwood. He worked in the looms in Newbury and after his boss died he married his Widow. He turned the cottage industry into a huge export market and was know as ' Jack of Newbury. He became one of the richest men in England and was friends with Henry V111 ! Henry V111 courted Anne Boleyn at Sudeley Castle....I wonder if they were friends then ?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Corgi Models

Recently I discovered that Corgi had made a large model of The Anderton and Rowland Roundabout, that I had painted. Well I initially worked on the horses with John Pocket (a very well known Painter) I then carried on by myself painting the steps, centre shutters, rounding boards droppers and Organ. I had gone into a Toy Shop in Bourton on the Water and amongst the models was the large box. I recognised my tiny little paintings on the Lid. It was quite expensive so I initally rang Corgi to see if they had any models available. I was hoping that because all of the decoration was mine I might be given a free model, but no. I had a rather bland letter back saying they had sold out and that was that. I'm not a money grabbing person but thought it was a shame that no-one had thought to let me know that a model was being made, not even Mick Goulding who owned the ride while I was painting mobile number has never changed...ho hum thats the way things go. A friend said that I still owned the copyright of the paintings and my permission should have been sought. I would have loved to have had a little mention on the box ....anyway I'm going on a bit..but I will say that I splashed out and bought it....In years to come I'm sure my Son will be pleased to own it, not everyone can say that their Mums work is on a Corgi Model !


I called over to Gloucester Cathedral today to see an impressive sculpture exhibition there. It is called the 'Crucible' and is on until the 30th October 2010. The Cathedral itself is well worth visiting. There has been a building of worship on this spot since 700ad but the Cathedral, which was originally The Abbey Church of a Benedictine Monastery was started in 1089. You can find more information at . There are 76 sculptures dotted in and around the cathedral. Yo can see sculptures by many artists including Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, William Tucker RA, Antony Gormley, Angus Fairhurst , Michael Cooper and Lyn Chadwick Ra. I'm going to try and go again ,spend longer and take my soon as I've finished blooming gilding !
The photo on the left is 'Cloaked Figure' by Lyn Chadwick RA, and the Photo on the right is'Ship of Fools' by Steve Hurst.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Back to Goodwood

Hello, I've had a few friends asking me why wasn't I wearing flowing dresses and headscarves...well I thought I'd be a bit different but still traditional. As you can see from the old photo, taken from

'The gypsies, Wagon time and after by Denis Harvey'...who I was lucky enough to meet. On special occasions some Gypsy ladies would wear a beaver hat with ostrich feathers. My hat started as a blue and white creation from the local Sue Ryder. I sprayed it with car paint, wrapped a scarf around it and popped in some black and burgundy ostrich feathers ! If we get asked next year I will be much more organised and have even more fun dressing up, but I would like a bit of time as a land army girl or wear a flash 1950's suit.... anything goes.The childhood act of dressing up is as much fun now as it was all those years ago. Parked next to our wagons was a lovely and very tidy Shepherds hut, owned by Paul who restores them . His company has a website worth visiting, Cottage books have their latest Autumn Catalogue out, which features one of my prints on the front. The catalogue is full of rare books, postcards and pictures under the collective title of 'Romani Gypsies and other travellers. There isn't a website but there address is Cottage Books, The Cottage, Rempstone Road, Gelsmoor, Coleorton, Leicestershire, LE678HR...Please mention that you got their address from me. Today I spent the day in Jane's Gallery, The Winds of Change, in Winchcombe. A really sociable gallery with changing exhibitions. I had taken in some dials to restore, but spent more time chatting to visitors.I was going to write more about Goodwood, perhaps I will have a chance to tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Goodwood Revival

Hello, A very quick posting and funny picture of me at Goodwood. Myself and Rob Langley a local rustic furniture maker popped down to Goodwood for a few days . We formed an old scene of gypsies and wagons, complete with fire , but no dogs or horses unfortunately. I'll write more but for now here are a couple of photos.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gilding, gilding and more gilding !

Yes I am busy gilding furniture and lots of it. It's strange how work varies but you can also have a sudden burst of one technique, almost as though it has suddenly become fashionable. A couple of months ago I was dragging the walls of a bedroom in blue, only to find a friend Miles was doing the same up in Cheshire.
The purity of gold is expressed in carat. This is the number of parts of pure gold contained in a metal which is thought of as being composed of 24 parts.Fine gold is 24 parts of gold out of 24 so is known as 24ct. An alloy of 22 parts gold and 2 parts of other metals is known as 22ct. The other metals added to the gold change it's hardness and colour.. I am using 23 1/4ct for my furniture. The gold leaf is supplied in books of either loose or transfer. The transfer leaf is used for oil gilding and for outside work. Loose leaf is mainly used for water gilding....but that's another story...but now I must get back to my gold leaf !


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