Wednesday, 18 August 2010

auld Reekie

Hello, I'm lucky enough to be spending some time up in Edinburgh..and yes the Festival is on so it's buzzing.Edinburgh was known as Auld Reekie before the clean air act...There are so many chimneys so the smog in the city must have been terrible. Last week I visited the National Gallery to see Impressionist Gardens. A great exhibition made better because I was on my own and so could spend as long as I liked looking. Seating in the exhibition had copies of their book about the Impressionist Gardens, although very nice it just reminded me of how often prints just don't manage to get the true colours. Especially noticeable when you have the real paintings in front of you. One painting was very pink in the book but pale and grey in reality, I loved the original but if I'd only seen the printed image I wouldn't have liked it. Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Klimt were all there and very inspiring both to want to start painting and to pick a garden fork up! Goodness knows what my garden looks like after being away from it for two weeks ! Well plenty more for me to see while I'm up here...
The picture shown is The Artists' Garden, By Monet...The sky is beautiful

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