Sunday, 11 July 2010

St Kenelm's Day

Saturday the 17th of July is St Kenelm's Day. A group of locals in Winchcombe are performing a new miracle play based on theOld legend of St Kenelm. I became involved initially by being asked by 'Marking the Year ' to design a poster for them. The play starts at 3pm at St Kenelm's Well followed by a procession to Sudeley Castle for the second act. The final act is at St Peter's Church Winchcombe. For more information please contact The Winchcombe Tourist Information Office. This will be the first time the Miracle Play will have been performed at St Kenelm's Well and hopefully it will become one of Winchcombes traditions. Out of interest to myself I have written St Kenelm lots of times to see if it makes any difference on a search engine ! I'm still learning....but If you are near Winchcombe then do take a walk up to the Well and join in with the Well Blessing and Play. You can also find more information at

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